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Rachele Barbieri joins Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling in 2018

Ben Atkins : 4th December 2017 5:00 am : News

Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling is delighted to announce that Rachele Barbieri will be joining the team in 2018. The 20-year-old Italian from Pavullo nel Frignano, near Modena, Emilia-Romagna, is the reigning Scratch Race World Champion. As well as being a star on the track, Rachele is also one of the most exciting young road sprinters in the peloton.

“Wiggle High5 is always looking for young athletes with potential to develop, so we’re delighted to have signed the young track World Champion,” said Team founder, owner and manager, Rochelle Gilmore. “Rachele has been dominating scratch races on the track for a while now which normally means that with a season or two on the road, with a balanced race program, she has the potential to win road race at the highest level in the future.”

Rachele Barbieri has already proved to be one of the most exciting track racers of her generation, having won her Scratch Race title in her first senior World Championships. She was able to display her Rainbow Jersey in style at the second World Cup of this season, in Manchester, UK, in November, as she won that Scratch Race with a dominant sprint

Her road results in 2017 included fourth place in the European Road Race Championships and second place in a stage of the Santos Women’s Tour, behind new teammate Kirsten Wild.

“I’m really really excited for the season that is coming!” Barbieri said. “I am really proud that I will be part of a big team, one of most important women’s cycling teams in the world.
I’m sure that it will be a big opportunity for me to learn a lot of new things from these champions – World, Olympic and more!

“I think that every young girl looks at Wiggle High5 as the best team in female cycling,” she added. “Wiggle High5 shows itself like the best team because of the well organisation of the staff, the good job of the riders and the best bike materials in the cycling market. I think that all this was made by the intention of Rochelle to create a good image of the team.

“I hope that I can join the team for a lot of years!” she laughed.

“It’s always exciting to work with young motivated athletes hungry for success,” Gilmore added. “The challenge can often be to keep them calm and relaxed. Our ambition at Wiggle High5 will be to offer Rachele a balanced race program in 2018 with specific targets and objectives in a domestique/lead-out role. We will be consciously aiming to develop Rachele’s road endurance during her first year with the team and, hoping she will benefit longterm from working in a team with so many experienced athletes.

“We’re looking forward to introducing Rachele to our team environment in Australia next month.”


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Amy Cure and Nettie Edmondson renew with Wiggle High5 in 2018

Ben Atkins : 28th November 2017 5:00 am : News

Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling is delighted to confirm that Australians Amy Cure and Annette Edmondson will remain with the team in 2018. The two track specialists will once again split their seasons between racing on the road and track, with the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, a target for both. South Australian “Nettie” Edmondson has been a big part of the team since 2015, while Tasmanian Cure joined the team in 2017, when she became the first rider to win a World Championship Medal in all of the different endurance track events.

“It’s such a pleasure to work with Nettie and Amy,” said Team founder, owner and manager, Rochelle Gilmore. “They’re two of the most genuine and appreciative athletes I’ve ever had the opportunity to support.

“On behalf of Wiggle High5, we share the same goals and ambitions of our two Aussie track specialists – to win Gold in Tokyo,” Gilmore added. “In regards to Nettie and Amy, our main objective in 2018 is to support their track aspirations while continuing to develop their road careers.”

Already a two-time Track World Champion and multiple medallist, Amy took three more Medals in Hong Kong, in April this year. Her Silver in the Team Pursuit, and Bronze in the Omnium and Madison completed the set of a medal in each of the endurance track events.  She joined her teammates on the road shortly afterwards and, despite a mid-season layoff due to a knee injury, took second place in the Tour of Guangxi, China, in the final race of the year.

“I’ve really had a great year with the girls,” Cure said of her first year at Wiggle High5. “I’ve learnt a lot and had so much fun along the way. They are a great group of girls and friendships that will last many years to come.

“They have all supported me with my track goals while composting on the road and I couldn’t be the rider I am today without the help of the Wiggle High5 family,” she continued. “I’m really looking forward to 2018 season with the girls. It’s going to be a short year on the road with the track commitments as my focus is on the Commonwealth Games in April on our home soil.

“I’m looking forward to having a great year starting in the road in January with the Tour Down Under and Cadel’s Race, before moving on the track for the Commonwealth Games, and then back to the road full gas in hope to make the road team time trial team for the World Championships before I get married,” Cure added. “It’s going to be a full year for me and I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with this great team for another year.”

Eschewing her usual track season Nettie rode a full Spring road campaign in 2017, supporting her teammates in all of the major Classics, and picked up a victory for herself in the Pajot Hills Classic, a race which climbed the iconic Muur van Geraardsbergen. This winter she will return to the velodrome, but still hopes to perform in a similar way on the road again later in the year.

“I’m very excited to sign with Wiggle High5 for a another year,” Edmondson said. “The team has been extremely supported of my track commitments and ambitions, and so I’m very lucky that they’re interested in having me back. I enjoyed focussing purely on the road in 2017 and I really learned a lot, and saw what I’m capable of when I put the time and effort in to just doing the road, which gives me a lot of excitement for the future.

“The Tour Down Under in January is a home race for me,” the Adelaidean explained. “That’s always a great race, and a great priority during the season, having the home crowd in Adelaide for the crit. So that’s a target, and I’m really hoping to have a crack at that, and go for one of those stages. There’s nothing like racing in front of a home crowd, but it’s even better to win in front of a home crowd!

“I’m going to go back to the track for 2018 to have a crack at the Commonwealth Games,” she continued. “It’s our home games so it’s a good opportunity for us to put out some good times in front of a home crowd, and really give back to Australia really.

“That’s the target of my 2018 season, and then I’ll go to the road from there. I assume I’ll start with [the Tour of Chongming Island] which I have done in the past, and then the rest… who knows? I’m excited to coming back swinging because I had a taste of it this year for the first time properly, and really enjoyed focussing and feeling fit on the road.”

“Next year will be extremely heavy and demanding for the Australians,” Gilmore explained. “Managing a number of peaks during the season over distances of 4km and, 140km – it’s a juggle but, a challenge they’ll thrive on and, are very capable of making a success.

“Wiggle High5 will be expecting strong performances from Nettie and Amy in the early season races Down Under and, then again at the end of the season at the Road World Championships.

“We’ve not yet seen the best of Nettie nor Amy on the road, due to their track focus, however, I have a feeling they’re motivated for some more road success in 2018 and will come into the season firing.

“I’m truly excited to see what 2018 holds for these two Aussies,” Gilmore concluded. “I believe they’ll deliver something really special.”


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Emma Johansson Blog: Almost Half Way

Ben Atkins : 22nd November 2017 10:19 am : Emma Johansson Blog, Features, News

2017 has been a roller coaster in so many ways.

Thanks to Wiggle-High5 I have had the opportunity to retire in (my opinion) the best way.
To hang the race bike aside but still have the training bike doing their kilometers…

I have been able to still be in the “big arena” thanks to them and I have been at lots of races this season, following and supporting from the sideline.

In the back of my head I have had my new goal all the time.

To create a bigger family has not been as easy as you might think. Especially after doing top sport for so many years.

I have been used to set a plan and then just follow it. No matter how hard the plan was!
This time it was much more challenging and when I was about to let go of my dream and hope it suddenly happen.

I could not believe it when my pregnancy test was POSITIVE.

Ohh well, my nausea and compassionate boobs was sort of trying to tell me for a while… ?

Almost half way and if everything goes to plan the littleone will be here some time in April.

Thanks to everyone being so patient with me during this year. It has been a nice but difficult one <3


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Lucy and Grace Garner renew with Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling in 2018

Ben Atkins : 20th November 2017 6:00 am : News

Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling is delighted that British sisters Lucy and Grace Garner have renewed their contracts with the team for 2018. Lucy, who has been in the black and orange jersey since 2016, is a former two-time Junior Road Race World Champion, while 20-year-old sister Grace is one of the most promising young British talents today.

“Wiggle High5 is absolutely blessed to have the opportunity to continue working with Lucy and Grace – two of the nicest athletes in the peloton and, both huge talents!” said Team founder, owner and manager, Rochelle Gilmore.

“Until now, Lucy has been doing her time in Wiggle High5 as a domestique and, learning from her more experienced team mates. It’s now time for us to create some opportunities for Lucy to race for sprint wins. Still only 23yrs of age, I believe she is ready.

Some successful junior athletes step straight into a lead role with a Professional team, Lucy chose to join big team’s like Argos/Giant-Shimano and then Wiggle High5 in order to learn from the best, after winning two junior World Championship Road Races back to back in 2011 & 2012, we’re very confident Lucy will be ready in 2018 to mix it with the top sprinters.

The 2017 season has seen Lucy Garner take podium finishes in the Omloop van de Ijsseldelta and Tour of Guangxi, but it has been her work as part of a well-drilled black and orange lead out train that has made her an invaluable part of the team. Lucy’s contributions in races such as the Tour of Chongming Island, an event in the Women’s WorldTour, helped Belgian sprinter Jolien D’hoore to take more victories than any other rider this season.

“I’m really looking forward to staying with Wiggle High5 for another year,” she said. “It will be my third year with the team in 2018. The past two years I have learnt a lot and I’m really trying to make a big step next year and Wiggle High5 have the confidence in me and want to help me achieve my best. I have a new coach and I’m really motivated for whats to come in 2018. We have a few new riders joining the team next year so it will be exciting to see how we will all come together and help each other reach the top.

“Another reason I’m excited to be staying with Wiggle High5 is that Grace will be staying for another year as well,” Lucy added. “We are sisters but also best friends and push each other to our best on the bike.”

“Grace has followed the development path of her older sister Lucy and has really impressed our management and DS staff at Wiggle High5,” Gilmore explained. “Whilst Grace has not yet had opportunities as a lead rider, we have already identified that Grace has a very level-headed winning attitude. In 2017 Grace slipped into Wiggle High5 and immediately felt at home, her teammates and staff have valued her very much this year and truly appreciate her willingness to sacrifice her winning capabilities for the team.”

Aged just 19 when she joined Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling this year, Grace Garner made an immediate impression with her teammates in January’s Australian races. Aside from helping out her teammates, a fifth place finish in the Santos Women’s Tour showed that, even at such a young age, Grace already belonged at the top level. In a rare opportunity to race for herself, she was able to successfully defend her title at the Essex Giro in the UK.

“I’m really happy to have signed with Wiggle High5 for another season,” she said. “It’s been a huge learning curve for me this year and I’m really excited to go into next year in a familiar setting and knowing that the team have confidence in me. Last year I was extremely grateful of the opportunities that were given to me. I have new goals and targets for next year so I’m chuffed to be able to try and reach them with this team. For my first year professional Wiggle High5 was the perfect setting for me. Everyone is friendly and welcoming but professional at the right moments.

“I’ve learnt a lot about myself and it’s exciting to continue to grow within the squad next season,” Grace added. “There are going to be some new faces but I’m sure we will gel just as the team gelled last year. I’m excited to learn more from the older riders and soak up as much of their knowledge as I can do. I’m still starting out in my career so hopefully I will progress as much as I did this year, and if not more in the coming season. I’m ready to put in the hard work this winter and also excited for the first team get together already!”

“The Garner sisters are an absolute delight to have in the team,” Gilmore concluded. “They’ve been very active in the UK, using their profile to encourage young children and women to take up cycling and that’s a big part of what our team is about.”


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Japanese Champion Eri Yonamine joins Wiggle High5 in 2018

Ben Atkins : 13th November 2017 6:00 am : News

Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling is delighted to confirm that Eri Yonamine will join the team in 2018. The 26-year-old from Sakai-city, Osaka, is the reigning Japanese Champion in both the Road Race and Time Trial, and has impressed over all kinds of courses in her two seasons in the European peloton to date.

“This is a really exciting signing for Wiggle High5!” said Team founder, owner and manager, Rochelle Gilmore. “Eri has really impressed the global cycling scene the past couple of years, we have been watching her performances very closely.

“Cycling in Japan has become extremely popular and as a consequence, the successful Japanese cyclists have become increasingly recognised and famous in Japan. Eri has won EIGHT Japanese National Titles and is distinctively recognised as the owner of the Japanese Champion’s jersey in the women’s peloton.”

Despite being just 26 years old, Yonamine has already won three National Road Race titles, four National Time Trial titles, as well as one in Mountain Bike Cross Country. Her victory in both Road Race and Time Trial saw her qualify to represent Japan at the Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil, in 2016, while she has ridden every World Championships since 2013.

“I’m really excited to join Wiggle High 5!” she exclaimed. “I have big motivation to work for the team next year.”

“I wish to be a good part of the team as one rider and support my new teammates in the big races. I am proud to be the Champion of Japan and I want to show my jersey in the big races also.”

Since joining the elite women’s peloton in the United States and Europe in 2016, Yonamine has impressed in many of the World’s toughest races. Having finished fifth on top of Mont Ventoux in the 2016 Tour de l’Ardèche, she took 11th place in this year’s La Course by the Tour de France, on top of the Col d’Izoard.

“Eri’s performance which impressed me the most was at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, where she finished 17th,” Gilmore explained. “If you analyse the strength of the field there, the difficulty of that course and, the way Eri climbed – ahead of some of the World’s best – you can appreciate the talent and potential she has!

“The commercial cycling industry in Japan is still booming – therefore our sponsors and partners are very excited about working with Eri to promote their brands and, Women’s Cycling in Japan.

“I’m looking forward to seeing Eri represent Wiggle High5 and expect that she will be a very valuable asset to our leaders in the toughest races.”


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Jolien D’hoore takes Madison World Cup victory in Pruszków

Ben Atkins : 5th November 2017 9:49 pm : News

Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling’s Jolien D’hoore cruised to victory in the Madison race, along with partner Lotte Kopecky, in the first round of the 2017/18 UCI Track World Cup, in Pruszków, Poland. The two Belgians, clad in the Rainbow Jerseys that they took at the World Championships, in Hong Kong in April, finished the 20km event with a total of 29 points, beating the Great Britain duo of 2018 Wiggle High5 signing Elinor Barker and Emily Nelson into second place with 23.

The Italian team of Maria Giulia Confalonieri and Elisa Balsamo took the bronze medal with 13 points.

“For me personally, it was my hardest Madison ever!” D’hoore laughed. “I’ve had a three-week break and this is my third week on the bike so I haven’t done a lot of raining yet. It was quite hard for me, the intervals… but we managed it and our technique was good, and that helps a lot.

“It’s four out of four now, so we’re very pleased with it,” she added, referring to the fact that she and Kopecky remain undefeated in major Madisons together. “We just still want to learn a lot, and we want to grow, and hopefully we can achieve some great results together.”

After having taken second place in the opening sprint – behind another 2018 Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling rider, Kirsten Wild, and Nina Kessler of the Netherlands – D’hoore and Kopecky took the lead on the second sprint and never again looked threatened. Barker and Nelson tried to take a lap midway through the race, but only succeeded in lifting themselves into the Silver Medal position behind the Belgians.

A late attack from Barker then earned the British pair ten points in the final sprint, but second place for D’hoore saw the Belgians take victory by their comfortable margin.

“Every race the level is going up. We’re going faster and faster, and the technique is getting better. I think the other countries will invest in the Madison, so we will see some great battles in the future.”

Aside from their still-perfect record in the Madison at the top level, the Pruszków race was the first for the Belgian pair in their World Championship rainbow jerseys.

“The plan was to start in Manchester next week, but Lotte asked me to race already in Poland because we are wearing the World Champion’s jersey,” D’hoore explained. “At first I didn’t know – I’m not in great shape, and if you’re wearing the jersey you have to show yourself – but I managed it and I’m really happy!”

1. Belgium (Jolien D’hoore, Lotte Kopecky)
2. Great Britain (Elinor Barker, Emily Nelson)
3. Italy (Maria Giulia Confalonieri, Elisa Balsamo)


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Macey Stewart returns to professional cycling with Wiggle High5

Ben Atkins : 5th November 2017 6:00 am : News

Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling is delighted to announce that Macey Stewart will be joining the team in 2018, as she makes her return to the professional peloton. The 21-year-old from Devonport, Tasmania, was Junior Time Trial World Champion in 2014, as well as taking two junior Rainbow Jerseys on the track the same year in the Omnium and Team Pursuit. She turned professional the following year, at the age of just 18, before stepping away from the highest level of the sport in 2016.

“Macey Stewart is an exciting signing for Wiggle High5,” said Team founder, owner and manager, Rochelle Gilmore. “She has won three Junior World Championships and, after a little down time, has decided to join Wiggle High5 in order to make her come back into the highest level of women’s World Tour racing.

“Any three-time Junior World Champ must have a lot of talent and Macey will be thrown into a team absolutely full of knowledge and wisdom regarding today’s world of women’s cycling. We’re all super excited to see what Macey can achieve in 2018!

“Macey’s teammates and staff believe in her ability very much!

“We’re all looking forward to having her bubbly smiley attitude amongst the team,” Gilmore added “We’re all committed to becoming the strongest ‘team’ in the peloton in 2018… We have some work to do with 8 completely new signings (plus 8 remaining) however we’re overwhelmed with everyone’s enthusiasm and desires to make our 2018 team something special.

“I welcome Macey with high expectations,” Gilmore continued. “I believe in her very much and hope to see the best of her during the 2018 season.

“Our partners also value Macey’s social media presence vey much, she’s very kind and grateful with her time when it comes to thanking those who support her…. This is so simple but so important in our sport.

“We have landed a great package in Macey Stewart and can’t wait to start working with her!

“Welcome Macey!”

As she makes her return to the top level of cycling, Stewart has her sights set on success on both the road and track.  With her first target as making the Australian team for the Glasgow 2018 Commonwealth Games, Macey will be fully supported by Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling.

“I’m so excited and grateful to get the opportunity to race for one of the most professional teams out there!” Stewart said.

“I’ve been working extremely hard to return back to professional level over the past 9 months and I can’t wait to prove that to my teammates and the world. I’m ready for the challenge and eager to learn as much as I can from my experienced teammates.”

“At the moment I’m doing everything I can to make the Australian Commonwealth Games Team on the Track, then I hope to use that momentum to smash out a solid 2018 road season, finding my feet again at a World Tour level.”

Jo Taylor, Head of Brand at Wiggle said: “A former junior track and road world champion, Macey is a very exciting addition to the Wiggle High5 team for 2018. With bags of potential, we’re excited to see her make her mark in the peloton in the orange and black jersey.

“We’re confident the young rider will blossom with the help of a highly qualified support team and teammates.”

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Austrian Champion Martina Ritter Joins Wiggle High5 In 2018

Ben Atkins : 30th October 2017 6:00 am : News

Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling is thrilled to announce that Austrian Champion Martina Ritter will be joining the team in 2018. The 35-year-old from Linz, in the state of Oberösterreich, is her National Champion in both the Road Race and Time Trial and represented her country in both disciplines in the Rio Olympics in 2016.

“I’m very excited to welcome Martina to Wiggle High5,” said Team founder, owner and manager, Rochelle Gilmore. “It’s a super exciting signing for our team!

“Wiggle High5 has been searching a strong, reliable and experienced rider to support our General Classification ambitions,” Gilmore explained. “Martina has a reputation for being very consistent and committed to her roles within a team, she’s a rider we really needed to compliment our already strong line-up.”

Aside from her National Championships – her fifth in the Time Trial and second in the Road Race – Martina Ritter also won the toughest stage of the Gracia-Orlova stage race in 2017. She finished high up in both South Lake Tahoe stages of the Amgen Tour of California, ending the race in ninth place overall, then emphasised her climbing credentials by finishing fourth overall in the extremely hilly Tour de l’Ardèche.

“I am really excited to join this professional women’s team,” Ritter said. “WiggleHigh 5 is known as a well organised team with a fantastic team spirit and the best equipment. I have always been looking up to the team and now I will be part of this incredible team, riding together with some of the best road racers and Olympic Champions. It is a big step forward in my cycling career after racing for small teams in the past. I can’t wait to open this new chapter.

“I’m a good climber and time triallist and love stage races,” she continued. “My favourite races are the Ardennes Classics and hilly stage races as the Giro d’Italia or Tour of California. I want to help our leaders to achieve big results because there is nothing better than winning as a team. One big goal will also be the World Championship in my home country.”

As a strong climber, Martina will be an invaluable helper for her teammates in some of the biggest, and toughest races of the season. Her power as a time triallist will see her add power to Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling’s Team Time Trial performance, with the World Championships taking place in Innsbruck, Austria, in 2018.

“I have high hopes to lift Martina to a new, even higher level in 2018, just as her mind and body – as an athlete – are maturing during her strongest years of her career,” Gilmore continued. “The team is counting on Martina’s support in some of the hardest races on the 2018 calendar.

“It will be such an honour to see the current Austrian Road and Time Trial Champion wearing the Wiggle High5 kit in the peloton! It’s great representation for our partners to have the Austrian Champion representing their brand, especially for WiggleCRC who have just acquired Bike24, a German online retailer actively operating in Austria.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what Martina is capable of within our team next year!”


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Amy Cure and Lucy Garner end season with second and third in Tour of Guangxi

Ben Atkins : 24th October 2017 3:22 pm : News

Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling’s riders made a near-perfect end to the 2017 road racing season with second and third places in the new Tour of Guangxi Women’s Elite World Challenge in Guilin, China. Australian track specialist Amy Cure crossed the line just millimetres behind race winner Maria Vittoria Sperotto (BePink Cogeas), while former two-time Junior World Champion was in third place just behind.

“It was awesome,” Cure told the Eurosport cameras afterwards. “It was quite a hard finish and it didn’t quite go to plan, but it was awesome to get second and third up there.

“We knew that, with coming here with three riders, and with Orica being the one of the most experienced teams out there. We knew that coming with three riders we could leave it up to teams like Orica to chase.”

The flat 110km circuit race saw the peloton stay largely together, but a small breakaway managed to escape in the closing kilometres. The gap was never more than a minute, however, and the sprinters’ teams pulled it back in plenty of time for the finish.

“Considering we’re only with three, we really pulled together as a team, so to get second and third… we’re so happy with that,” Garner said.

“It started off pretty steadily, with everybody just getting into it, and then when we made the turn it was quite full on,” she explained. “There were a lot of attacks going, but we were just trying to sit in the wheels and save as much energy as possible.

“We didn’t know how our fitness was going to be coming into this – we’re kind of in our off-season now – but we did what we could, and to get two of us on the podium, we should be happy with that.”

1. Maria Vittoria Sperotto (BePink Cogeas)
2. Amy Cure (Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling)
3. Lucy Garner (Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling)

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Super Sprinter Kirsten Wild joins Wiggle High5 in 2018

Ben Atkins : 23rd October 2017 9:04 am : News

Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling is excited to confirm that Kirsten Wild will be joining the team in 2018. The 35-year-old Super Sprinter from Almelo, Netherlands, is one of the fastest-ever riders in the women’s peloton, is a winner on both road and Track, having take the Gold Medal in the Elimination Race at the recent European Track Championships, along with Medals in the Omnium and Madison. Wild has won some of the biggest races on the road, and took the Silver Medal in the 2016 World Championships in Doha, Qatar.

“All current returning Wiggle High5 athletes were surprisingly excited and positive about Kirsten’s interest to join Wiggle High5 as one of our lead sprinters,” said Team founder, owner and manager, Rochelle Gilmore. “Our athletes were delighted and relieved to hear about the signing of Kirsten Wild – soon after the disappointing news that Wiggle High5 would lose our Belgian Bullet…we were able to welcome the Dutch Dynamite – Wild.

“Our core of athletes thrive on having a confident sprinter to work for, they’ve always had a standout sprinter who challenges them to get the most out of themselves and, it works both ways,” Gilmore added. “Having such a dominant sprinter in the team also opens doors for our other diverse winners.”

As one of the fastest sprinters that the women’s peloton has ever seen, Kirsten has been winning big races for more than a decade. Her dominance of the now-defunct Ladies tour of Qatar saw her win four of the eight editions, winning ten stages on the way. Other stage race victories include the final edition of the Tour du Grand Montreal and the Tour of Poland, and she has matched her Qatari stage race count with ten victories in both the Boels Rentals Ladies Tour and the Healthy Ageing Tour.

Major one-day victories include the Rund um die Nürnberger Altstadt, the Open de Suède Vårgårda – Road Race and Team Time Trial – and the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad. She is also a three-time podium finisher in the Tour of Flanders.

“I am really looking forward to be part of one of the biggest and successful teams in women’s cycling,” Wild said.

“I hope to play for the wins, especially in the WorldTour races, together with the team. To working with riders who already achieved a lot of results in the past is awesome. I hope to learn a lot from the other girls. I think also with this team we can play for victories in a lot of different races with different riders and that’s the game I like the most.

“As I said before the girls in this team achieved already so much,” Wild added. “I think it’s nice to share their experiences. We all have different ways to deal with pressure, for example. That might be very interesting.”

Like many of her new teammates, Kirsten Wild will split her racing season between the road and the track, with the aim of adding to her 2015 Scratch Race Rainbow Jersey in the World Championships in Apeldoorn, in her native Netherlands. In addition to three further European Titles, she is a 23-time National Champion on the Track, and has won several women’s competitions in the historic Six-Day races in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

“Wild brings the perfect balance back into the team for 2018,” Gilmore continued. “Wiggle High5 has an overwhelmingly strong and exciting diverse line-up of athletes. We – all staff and athletes – feel we’re now up to the challenge of creating an amazing ‘team’ of our outstanding ‘individuals’. This is our challenge – together.

“Wiggle High5 will support Kirsten’s ambitions on the track throughout 2018 while targeting some very important World Tour road races,” she added.

“It’s a real honour for all our athletes, staff and partners to have Kirsten Wild choose Wiggle High5 to support her career goals in 2018,” Gilmore concluded. “I’m getting very excited about 2018 – especially seeing the entire team together for the first time – at our first team camp!”

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